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The Fighting Gym
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The Badge You are Competing for

The Gym

wifipokeleague presents the Ultimate Fighting Gym.

If you're not content with breaking the bricks, smashing on rock Pokemon and type-advantages over ice, rock, steel, normal and dark, then we're not the one for you. Lets be honest though, we are, aren't we.

For how to apply, please see the Wifi Pokeleague's Gym Information. To read the rules of battle commencement, please see The Official Rules, explaining procedures and regulations the wifipokeleague offers all involved.

Triumphant Challengers
None so far

Scheduled Challengers
None so far

Contact info:
StructureContact info:
Gym Leader
privatelyricist can be contacted for challenges on Aim: kormatose or MSN: jondb69@hotmail.com
Game info: Jon FC: 1890 7730 2647

Gym Members: djcrimsonfox | Aim: DjCrimsonFox FC: 2964 5058 9847

Croagunk with a Power Bracer
Gym Members: mizaru (Anthony) | Aim: Bo0giePimpz FC: 1676 0508 7792
Modest Riolu with a Power Lens
Gym Members: mizaru (Cain) | Aim: agrressive FC: 3050 4422 6915
Adamant Riolu with Power Bracer
Gym Members: killer_dude | AIM: killerdudenolan FC: 1804 8846 8753
Gym Members: tksama | AIM: tinfeline FC: 4295 9510 5459

Members who have stepped down:
merissa_hino can be contacted on Aim: Wikdlady or Email: Neyahala (at) yahoo.com
Game info: Neya FC: 3179-2682-9938
Gym Members: yuefairchild | Aim: Yuefairchild FC:

Interests brought in part by Serebii.net's attackdex