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Jul. 2nd, 2007 | 05:00 am
posted by: privatelyricist in pokeleague_fght

credit to pokeleague_stl
This entry is being established as a directory of our gym members' pokemon. As I'm sure the gym population will increase, I figured it would be more efficient to make this entry instead of posting an eventual 25 trainer-cards on our profile. Also, these cards are being made public as typical practice by the majority of the league gyms so cross-referencing can occur. This will eliminate the potential of pokemon-swapping from occuring.

*Only reply if you come across any suspect activity on the part of Fort Nox's gym members.

*Comments will be screened, and will only be visible to the gym leader, privatelyricist, and the co-moderator and apprentice, djcrimsonfox. This is for the sake of anonymity.

*Trainer cards will be updated monthly, as per the league's policy on the use of alternative pokemon.

StructureContact info:
Gym Leader
privatelyricist can be contacted for challenges on Aim: kormatose or MSN: jondb69@hotmail.com
Game info: Jon FC: 1890 7730 2647

Gym Members: djcrimsonfox | Aim: DjCrimsonFox FC: 2964 5058 9847

Gym Members: mizaru (Anthony) | Aim: Bo0giePimpz FC: 1676 0508 7792

Gym Members: mizaru (Cain) | Aim: agrressive FC: 3050 4422 6915

Gym Members: killer_dude | AIM: killerdudenolan FC: 1804 8846 8753

Gym Members: tksama | AIM: tinfeline FC: 4295 9510 5459

Will be updated as and when needed.

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